Effect of coconut water and Benzyladenine on multiple shoot induction of marigold (Tagetes erecta L. var. Sovereign)


  • Fatimoh Masae
  • Wasana Mudor
  • Piyawan Leechart
  • Montakarn Pimsen


Shoot tip culture, Shoot induction, Marigold


Shoot tip culture of marigold (Tagetes erecta L. var. Sovereign) were culture on MS medium (Murashige and Skoog, MS) supplemented with coconut water 150 ml/l and BA (Benzyladenine, BA) at concentrations of 0, 1, 3 and 5 mg/l Shoot tip from seed culture on MS medium without growth regulator were used as explants. The result showed that MS medium with coconut water containing 3 mg/l BA gave the highest average number of shoots at 2.0±0.93 shoots/explant. The lowest shoots induction was observed on MS medium with coconut water containing BA 1 mg/l which gave 1.00±0.00 shoot/explant. MS medium with containing BA 1 mg/l that gave 2.15±0.72 centimeter after incubated for 3 weeks and the highest root number was obtain on MS medium added coconut water 150 ml/l without plant growth regulator and gave 16 – 20 roots/explant and the lowest root induction was found on MS medium with coconut water containing BA 5 mg/l that gave 0 – 5 roots/explant.


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