Development of Water-Repellent Coating from P(VDF-HFP) Polymer for Krajood Product Substrate


  • Jureeporn Yuennan
  • Chaiporn Kaew-on
  • Aphinrat Khanklaeo
  • Uraiwun Wanthong
  • Chatchai Sangpud


Krajood products, Waterproof, Polyvinylidene fluoride, hexafluoropropylene


Krajood is a type of herbaceous plant. Its scientific name is Lepironia articulate handicrafts from krajood are continuously being promoted and products are developed in various forms to make good quality and beautiful products. This research aims to study the development of water repellent from polyvinylidene fluoride hexafluoropropylene or P(VDF-HFP) polymer solution in dimethylformamide or DMF solvent with different concentration between 5 – 25 weight/volume percentage (w/v%). It is found a clear and colorless solution. The viscosity of the prepared solution was obtained at a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius in the range of 16.4 to 1,768 cPs. The krajood surface coated with 25 w/v% P(VDF-HFP) polymer solution has an average water contact angle of 94.3 ± 6.2 degree, indicating a hydrophobic surface which can prevent water absorption and least swell in the water.


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