Product Development of Crispy Riceberry Snack Bar


  • Usa Panritdam
  • Parnit Ngamsamrit
  • Aumaporn Arlai


Riceberry rice, Date plum, Hardness


The research aimed to study the ratio of Thai - colored indica rice (Oryza sativa cv. Riceberry) and dried date plum (Diospyros lotus L.) fruits for the development of a crispy riceberry snack bar. All four major using the ratio of riceberry rice and dried date plum fruits were 100 : 0, 50 : 50, 60 : 40 and 40 : 60 respectively, based on a sensory evaluation assessment using the 9 – Point Hedonic Scale method. Quality characteristic were evaluated including textural properties, color, moisture content water activity and chemical composition. The results showed that the optimum ratio of riceberry rice and dried date plum fruits was 60:40 and had the highest overall acceptability (p≤0.05) when compared to control. The hardness of the developed snack bar from riceberry rice mixed with dried date plum fruits was 119.96 g. A color value of L* increased a* and b* decreased as the addition level of dried date plum fruits increased. The water activity (Aw) of the product was 0.38. The content of moisture, carbohydrate, protein, fat, fiber and ash was 3.93, 37.35, 14.30, 25.13, 11.22 and 20.15 percent and would yield energy of 432.87 Kcal per 100 g, respectively.


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